We are always being formed in faith. Join us for lifelong learning – together.


We are stewards of all the gifts that God has given us. Let’s live life abundantly.


Leaders change culture. Let’s put on our oxygen mask first and breathe deeply.


Conflict happens when we do life together. Managing well is a skill to be learned.

“Leadership isn't about power for the sake of power — not true leadership. Instead it deals with modeling behavior you want others to have, and with responsibility for being certain the people you lead are treated equitably, and with respect. Not an easy task. You can't make other people feel anything, or think anything; you can only try to teach them what you want them to feel and think and why you think they should act accordingly.” — Laura Weakley

Welcome to Leaders Learn!

It is a joy to welcome you to our Leaders Learn website. We hope it will be a great tool for you as we learn together. We’re scouring the continuing education world to find opportunities for learning. We also hope this website serves as a resource hub for all things ministry related.
You are not alone. Let’s learn together!

Tammy Jones West
Assistant to the Bishop
Minister of Word and Service
NC Synod, ELCA

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