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I grew up at Ascension Lutheran, Shelby and graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne College in 1991. I married Eric 24 years ago and we have one son, Robert 20 yrs who is a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, and a cat named Pounce. In my leisure time I enjoy cooking (these guys can EAT!) and reading, anything but cleaning. I am a member at St. Luke's, Taylorsville. Fun fact - we have "Family Dinners" at our home each week for local young adults (mostly LR students but not always.) SO, if you have a student at LR, let me know and I'll include them in the invitation. I was commissioned as an Associate in Ministry in June of 2008 and graduated from Luther Seminary in May 2009 with a Masters of Arts in Religion - Children, Youth and Family. My latest passion is working with Rostered Ministers to fulfill their continuing education hours. It's a joy to learn together.


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Welcome to the Resource Page for Leaders Learn. Our goal is to curate continuing education resources for our leaders. We realize our leaders have very different budgets for continuing education. We've grouped continuing education into three categories - free, under $100, and events over $100. All date specific continuing education will be found in our EVENTS [...]

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Continuing Education on a small budget

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So, you have a small budget for continuing education. How might you complete your 40 hours? Let’s start here. Resource Hours Emphasis Area Getting Started in Digitally Engaged Ministry 3 Faith Formation Family Faith Formation (online)   1 Faith Formation

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40 Hours of Free Continuing Education

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So, you have no funds. How might you complete your 40 hours of continuing education? Let's start here. Free online or DVD courses     Resource and link # of Hours Emphasis area The Old Testament - Great Courses Heilig Resource Center 12 Faith Formation Luther - Gospel, Law and Reformation - Great Courses Heilig [...]

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Digital Resources

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Video Resources   Chuck Knows Church: G_dcast: (Old Testament animated videos) The Skit Guys: WorshipHouse Media: The Work of the People: (Check out the videos for worship in the Visual Liturgy section: Lent Video: Lent in Two Minutes: Video: Holy Week in Two Minutes: Lent Resources at Loyola Press: Go to Loyola Press.   Lent Activities [...]

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Continuing education opportunities

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  We're not too young or too old to learn! Monthly Youth & Family Ministry Network meetings. Varying topics. 1.5 hours. FREE ELCA YM Extravaganza. 15 hours Practice Discipleship Webinars - 1 hour each (34 available options) FREE ELCA Second Tuesday Conversation Webinars - 1/2 hour each (33 available options) Network Membership - $205 for 3 [...]

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Welcome to Leaders Learn!

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It is a joy to welcome you to our Leaders Learn website. We hope it will be a great tool for you as we learn together. We're scouring the continuing education world to find opportunities for learning. We also hope this website serves as a resource hub for all things ministry related. You are not alone. [...]

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Health and Wholeness

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Dimensions of the Wholeness Wheel The Wholeness Wheel is increasingly used by ELCA individuals and organizations as an important learning and discernment tool. It illustrates that wellness is multi-dimensional — made up of spiritual, vocational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and financial dimensions of well-being. Spiritual well-being is intertwined with and influences our well-being in all other [...]

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Financial Stewardship

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The vision of the North Carolina Synod is to invest in, inspire and equip steward leaders and congregations, creating a culture of generosity for the sake of God’s mission. Our Synod has an active table of steward leaders who stand ready to help leaders and congregations. Let me know if you are interested in one of [...]

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