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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

The North Carolina Synod Leadership School has an online eight-week class available NOW. Faith and Finances. You can stream at will and include as many people in your group as you’d like. This course is FREE for all.

This stewardship video is part of LEAD, a ministry of the Gulf Coast Synod. Other videos in their 10 minute toolbox series are available for free here.

Portico pre-retirement webinars make it easy to learn about retirement planning anytime, anywhere. This free series is led by a team of experienced retirement specialists from Portico.  Below – Investments and Accumulation.

Financial Stewardship

The vision of the North Carolina Synod is to invest in, inspire and equip steward leaders and congregations, creating a culture of generosity for the sake of God’s mission. Our Synod has an active table of steward leaders who stand ready to help leaders and congregations. Let me know if you are interested in one of our programs or if there is a stewardship need you have that these programs do not address.

North Carolina Synod Options:photo-1459257831348-f0cdd359235f

Stewardship for all Seasons – a year-round stewardship program with mentoring from Pastor Mike Ward


Faith+Finances+Freedom – This is the program developed after extensive research of leaders in our Synod, designed to address the economic challenges facing rostered leaders. The program has Three Ways to Win: We will assist in promoting Healthy Leaders who will in turn lead Vital Congregations who in turn will contribute to Fourishing Communities. The major elements of Faith + Finances + Freedom are as follows:

Lifeline Distribution Fund – designed to alleviate education debt, credit card debt, emergency needs, retirement savings, emergency savings, and partnering congregations who are interested in affording a full-time pastor.

  • Educating rostered leaders about financial well-being through programs like Financial Peace University, Good $ense and free financial planning
  • Educating lay leaders in congregations about financial well-being through a series of videos called “Mike at the Mic”; and a pre-assembly Workshop in 2017 for church treasurers and financial secretaries.

Brochure for Faith+Finances+Freedom

Contact for details.

Be fearless in your generosity, reflecting the fearless generosity of God.

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